Mailing Lists

  • The DPS8M Development Team offers mailing lists for discussing the simulator.
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Mailing list Purpose
dps8m-users For simulator users Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives
dps8m-developers For simulator developers Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives


Slack channel Purpose
#main General community discussion Join Channel Request Access
#dps8 DPS8M simulator discussion Join Channel Request Access
#dps8‑doc DPS8M simulator documentation Join Channel Request Access
  • Additional channels are available for members of the Slack workspace.


  • The following RSS/Atom feeds provide updates about the simulator and related topics.
RSS/Atom feed Purpose
DPS8M Notifications of all DPS8M Development Team project activity Subscribe
Blog Notifications of all DPS8M blog posts Subscribe
Releases Notifications of new DPS8M simulator releases Subscribe
Issues Notifications of all DPS8M issue tracking activity Subscribe
Multics Recent changes to the Multics Development Wiki Subscribe
Multicians Recent changes to the website Subscribe