DNF/Yum Repository for DPS8M

DNF/Yum repositories for DPS8M are available.

If you use an RPM-based Linux distribution with the DNF (or Yum) package manager (including Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Amazon Linux 2, and compatibles such as Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, EulerOS, etc.) you can keep your DPS8M current with automatic updates.

  • We currently provide x86_64 (AMD64), i686 (x86), aarch64 (ARMv8, 64-bit), ppc64 (G5/PPC970+), ppc64le (POWER8+), s390x (z/Arch, 64-bit), and riscv64 (RV64) packages that are compatible with any Linux distribution. Packages are provided for both the stable and bleeding edge DPS8M releases.

The repositories are served securely via TLS and only primary DPS8M Development Team members (and GitLab CI, which builds the packages) control the files served from the ‘dps8m/repo’ namespace. You can also view the GitLab CI logs to examine how these packages are generated from our official binaries.

  • We plan to provide apt repositories serving dpkg packages (suitable for Debian and Ubuntu distributions) sometime in the near future.

If you’d like to start using these RPM packages today, see the repository installation instructions for full details.

— Jeffrey H. Johnson