Welcome to the DPS8M Blog

The DPS8M Development Team officially announces the new DPS8M Blog.

The DPS8M Blog will cover all topics surrounding the Honeywell 6000-series and the DPS8M Simulator.

You can expect posts from our developers about both hardware and software, with a particular focus on the Multics system (both current and historical), but we’ll also touch on GCOS-3 and CP-6, as well as adjacent Honeywell technologies such as the 18-bit DATANET/355 line of network processors, and even the Honeywell Level 6 minicomputers and the Goodyear STARAN or Cray systems that were often paired with Honeywell large systems for scientific computing.

You can follow our blog here on the web, or subscribe using the Atom feed with your favorite newsreader application.

— The DPS8M Development Team