DPS8M Release 3.0.1

DPS8M Simulator R3.0.1 Released!

The DPS8M Development Team is proud to present the latest stable version of DPS8M, the DPS‑8/M mainframe simulator: DPS8M Release 3.0.1.

DPS8M is a simulator of the 36‑bit GE Large Systems / Honeywell / Bull 600/6000‑series mainframe computers (Honeywell 6180, Honeywell Series‑60/Level‑68, and Honeywell/Bull DPS‑8/M), descended from the GE‑645 and engineered to support the Multics operating system.

DPS8M R3.0.1 fixes many bugs and offers improved performance for most users. The DPS8M Development Team recommends that users of older versions upgrade to R3.0.1 at their earliest convenience.

It should be noted that R3.0.1 will likely be the last release of the simulator to officially support 32-bit x86 versions of Microsoft Windows before Windows 10, as well as 32-bit versions of Cygwin running on any version of Microsoft Windows.

For more information about DPS8M R3.0.1, see the release notes or mailing list announcement.

The DPS8M Simulator Homepage is https://dps8m.gitlab.io/.

Download DPS8M R3.0.1 from https://dps8m.gitlab.io/dps8m/Releases/.

Special thanks go out to all the Multicians and other members of the community for their efforts in developing this release.

— The DPS8M Development Team