DPS8M Release 3.0.0

DPS8M Simulator R3.0.0 Released!

The DPS8M Development Team is happy to announce that version R3.0.0 of the DPS8M Simulator has been released.

Many issues were fixed, features added, and performance was improved in many areas.

[2024 Update] DPS8M R3.0.0 downloads are available from the DPS8M Historical Archives. See the release notes and mailing list announcement for (obsolete) details.

Special thanks are due to Jeff Johnson, Charles Anthony, Dean Anderson, and others for their hard work in getting this well-tested, feature rich, and better-performing version of the simulator released.

Thanks go to Jeff for making R3.0.0 buildable and runnable on a host of new platforms, and in getting the CI/CD system setup to allow us to release new versions of the simulator much more quickly than in the past - the previous release, R2.0.0, was on 2019-08-07!

This version of the simulator is very robust and has had months of rigorous testing running various 24x7 Multics systems.

Downloads for various platforms are available, and you can find PDF documentation for the simulator.

More information on the DPS8M Simulator can be found on the DPS8M Simulator Homepage.

— The DPS8M Development Team