DPS8M Release 2.0.0

DPS8M Simulator R2.0.0 Released!

The DPS8M Development Team team is pleased to announce the release of R2.0.0.

[2024 Update] DPS8M R2.0.0 downloads are available from the DPS8M Historical Archives. See the (legacy) RingZero Release 2.0.0 page and mailing list announcement for (obsolete) details.

  • Increased stability
  • Increased performance
  • Improved operator console scripting
  • Improved operator console functionality
  • GTSS fixes
  • Improved FNP networking controls
  • Devices.txt file eliminated
  • All disks type supported
  • Optional support for multiple simulated CPUs

Multics History: https://multicians.org/
Multics Now: https://multics-wiki.swenson.org/
DPS8M Homepage: https://dps8m.gitlab.io/
DPS8M Simulator Legacy Wiki: https://ringzero.wikidot.com/
DPS8M Developers Wiki: https://gitlab.com/dps8m/dps8m/-/wikis
DPS8M Simulator Repository: https://gitlab.com/dps8m/dps8m/

— The DPS8M Development Team