DPS8M Release 1.0.0

DPS8M Simulator R1.0.0 Released!

The DPS8M Development Team is pleased to announce the release of DPS8M R1.0.0.

[2024 Update] DPS8M R1.0.0 downloads are available from the DPS8M Historical Archives. See the (legacy) RingZero Release 1.0.0 page for (obsolete) details.

This release features:

  • FNP emulation rewrite
  • APU rewrite
  • IMFT support
  • A multitude of bug fixes

This release of the simulator should be compatible with all Multics releases, but has only been tested against MR12.6e and MR12.6f Beta.

Note that the format of the INI files has changed since pre-R1.0.0 versions:

  • The line ATTACH MUX -am 6180 is no longer needed. To change the port number from the default (6180), use FNPSERVERPORT <n>.
  • The CABLE commands no longer need to be specified; the simulator has default cabling. To remove the default cabling use CABLE RIPOUT.
  • All of the usual SET lines have been replaced by setting the default values correctly.
  • Some of the SET commands have been deprecated.

— The DPS8M Development Team